What is a Adiabatic Air Cooler

What is adiabatic cooling?

Adiabatic cooling systems function similarly to dry cooling systems, but with the incorporation of pre-cooling pads; running water over pre-cooling pads and drawing air through the pads depresses the ambient dry bulb of the incoming air. The depressed dry bulb allows for greater system heat rejection.

The result of this is that adiabatic systems are highly effective in hot, dry environments, while using less water than traditional evaporative units. Adiabatic units also deliver the required cooling capacity in a smaller footprint and/or lower fan motor horsepower than a completely dry cooler/condenser.

Application in coolers and condensers

The CASEN-Air Series of dry coolers and condensers represents CASEN’s newest advancement in thermal heat transfer research and development; the CASEN-Air Series adiabatic units maximize heat rejection with minimal or no water use, functioning as a dry cooler until unable to reach capacity while running dry. The CASEN-Air is another chapter in CASEN’s ongoing commitment to high quality, environmentally friendly products.